Madison Gulli

Madison Gulli is a sex-positive psychotherapist and clinical sexologist. Her passion is to share her knowledge and expertise in sex and relationships with anyone willing to learn and grow through their education journey. Madison is passionate about teaching individuals and couples how to create the best version of themselves in and out of the bedroom.

Madison provides an intimate therapeutic setting for clients who prefer in-person sessions. In addition, Madison provides Sex Coaching services to clients domestically and internationally. She has run her Las Vegas practice since 2013.

She holds a master’s degree in Marriage Family Child Therapy and has extensive education in Health and Human Services. She has completed additional training hours related to sexuality, sexual function, intimacy, gender-related concerns, sexual identity, kink, BDSM, and alternative sex & lifestyle. She has additional training in the area of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy.