How to Please a Woman:Pussy Eating Skills

To Master the Art of Cunnilingus, an individual must first acquire the necessary skills and consistently employ them with patience, focus, and compassion.

Above all, it entails sharing and fully engaging in the sacred intimacy of the moment.

This Masterclass will walk you through all the steps from novice to mastery level.

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Module 1Introduction to Masterclass via Livestream (Length of class: 60-90 minutes)
Lesson 1Setting the Stage Before Taking Her Clothes Off 
Lesson 2Basic & Advanced Anatomy Lesson 
Lesson 3Understanding Body Language and Vocal Sounds 
Lesson 4Basic Oral Skills 
Lesson 5Advanced Oral Skills 
Lesson 6Aftercare 
Module 2Behind the Scenes (BTS)
Lesson 1Enough talking! 
Module 3Members Journey
Lesson 1Deep Dive into a member’s experience. 
Module 4Putting it all Together: Members' Implementation
Lesson 1Practice, Practice, Practice!