Museum of Sex

Are you looking to add some excitement and creativity to your next date night with your lover? Why not incorporate some art into the mix? Art is a fantastic way to explore your sensual side, let your imagination run wild, and engage in some playful eroticism with your partner.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate art into a sexy date with your lover:

Paint each other’s bodies
Get your creative juices flowing by painting each other’s bodies. You can use body paint, edible paint or even just some markers or face paint. Take turns creating designs on each other’s bodies, exploring erogenous zones and discovering new sensations.
Draw each other in the nude
Set the mood with some soft lighting, relaxing music and a comfortable space to sit or lie down. Take turns sketching each other in the nude, exploring each other’s bodies and learning how to appreciate the beauty in all of your curves and edges.
Create a collaborative art piece
Working together on a collaborative art piece can be an incredibly bonding and sensual experience. You can paint a canvas together, create a sculpture or even make a collage. The act of creating something together can be incredibly intimate and can help you tap into your creativity and sense of playfulness.
Attend an erotic art exhibit
Check out your local museum or art gallery for an erotic art exhibit. Attending an exhibit with your lover can be a great way to explore your own sensuality and learn more about each other’s desires and interests.
Take a sensual dance class
Dance can be an incredibly sensual and erotic art form. Sign up for a sensual dance class together, such as tango or salsa, and let yourselves get lost in the music and the movements.

Incorporating art into your date night can be a fun and exciting way to explore your sensual side and engage in some playful eroticism with your lover. So go ahead and paint the town red – or blue, or green or any color that strikes your fancy. The possibilities are endless!